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In Nature Interface we subvert Ansel Adams’ imagery overlaid by our own archiving of nature to create a digital interface. We referenced Ansel Adams’ Clearing Winter Storm to encapsulate one of the first instances of nature segregated in a postmodern society. It is in his prominent archiving of the sublime that we believe gave birth to our modern phenomenological parameters of nature.

Our experiences in nature are littered throughout spaces which are disorganized no matter our attempts to construct it into organized space. It is our thought that we as humans have segregated ourselves from nature. During our development as a species it could be inferred that this process has always occurred. However, we have segregated ourselves in such a way through the use of technology in correlation with our development that has made this more prevalent. As we grow, perhaps so does the perceived distance between ourselves and what we used to be. Perhaps even what we perceive we could become. It is as if we have these piqued conceptions of nature as beauty rather than nature as experience.

In summation we built a digital this interface archive not for the goal of consumption, but for experiencing.